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The all new Stinger Light Weight Golf Bag with Full Length Dividers is a HIT!

Is it just us, or does our Old Golf Bag seem to just keep getting heavier?  If your Golf Bag’s weighing you down, it’s time to “Lighten Up”.

As Golf’s popularity has increased over the last 2 years, there are more and more people out looking for new Golf Equipment in the marketplace. Especially Golf Bags.

There once a time playing Golf when all you really needed to take with you, was some a collection of Tee’s and Balls, plus a drink and maybe a light jumper if it got a bit chilly. Therefore, your Golf Bag was light. But oh, how the times have changed!

We are now as Golfers carrying more in our Golf Bags than ever before! We’re talking Food, Drinks, Waterproof Jackets & Pants, Training Aids, Medical Kits, Tee’s, Balls, Gloves, Markers, Pencils and the list goes on, and ON!

Therefore, storage in a Golf Bag has never been more important! Not only that, it also needs to be light as well! As we all know, a big old Bag with lots of stuff inside including Golf Clubs, can get heavy!

Fortunately, Stinger Golf Products, have come up with a perfect solution. A Golf Bag that is light weight, has plenty of storage and doesn’t compromise on the features. They call it the Stinger Light Weight Golf Bag.

The Lightweight Golf Bag weighs in at an astonishing 2.5kgs. That’s light enough to lift it with your pinky! and it’s also smaller in size that a standard Golf Cart Bag, but still has large pockets. So it’s the perfect for someone who wants to downsize, but keep all the benefits.

The Lightweight Golf Bag also comes with 14 Full Length Dividers, with 2 of the Dividers being oversized. Providing room for extra Golf Clubs or even alignment sticks.

Now, how many pockets are there do you ask? Well, enough for all your belongings, and MORE!

The Lightweight Golf Bag includes 9 Large Pockets so all your bits and pieces can still come with you each round.

Also, one of the most unique and exciting features, is the Bag Lock Technology. This is a specially designed Golf Bag Base that’s designed to keep your Golf Bag firmly connected to your Golf Buggy and avoid Bag Twist. A handy feature if you need to walk through the rough or go over any bumpy terrain.

When it comes to buying Golf Bags online, look no further than the Stinger Light Weight Golf Bag.

You can purchase the Stinger Golf Bag’s online from their website by clicking the link below;

Or alternatively, you can contact Stinger Golf Products today on 03 5924 6056 or visit them in their showroom located at Unit 11/6 Thomson Tce, Dromana, VIC, 3936.