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V PLUS Soft Plus Golf Balls - Dozen


Introducing the V PLUS Soft Plus golf ball, the perfect choice for players with moderate swing speeds who desire maximum distance without sacrificing a great feel.

Designed with a 2-piece construction, the Soft Plus is specifically tailored to cater to players seeking maximum distance, while still prioritizing a soft and enjoyable feel throughout their game.

The Soft Plus features a larger and softer core, allowing for optimal energy transfer and longer drives for players with slower to moderate swing speeds. This core design is crafted to maximize distance, ensuring that you can achieve impressive length off the tee.

The extra thin and soft Ionomer cover of the Soft Plus enhances spin and control, particularly for approach shots and around the greens. You can expect exceptional feel and the ability to shape your shots precisely. Rest assured, this cover is built to be both soft and durable, ensuring long-lasting performance round after round.

With a compression rating of 50, the Soft Plus is ideal for players with slow to moderate swing speeds, seeking extra distance and all-around performance. Whether you are looking to add yardage off the tee or execute precise shots around the greens, the Soft Plus delivers the performance you need.

Our golf ball conforms with the USGA and R & A Rules, meeting all established standards and regulations. You can play with confidence, knowing that the Soft Plus aligns with the rules of the game.

Experience the winning combination of maximum distance and excellent feel with the V PLUS Soft Plus golf ball.