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EX DISPLAY - PowerBug NX DHC Lithium Electric Golf Buggy


EX-DISPLAY STOCK - Previously used as display models in stores or showrooms and lightly used for demonstration purposes.

Limited Stock Available. 


Maintain speed when traveling downhill. Easy parking with the electronic parking brake

Introducing the NX - The next generation electric golf buggy from PowerBug

The PowerBug has proven itself over the last 19 years with industry leading build quality, reliability and practicality. For 2023 the platform has been completely revamped and modernised with a new design whilst keeping the same core fundamentals expected from a PowerBug machine. 

Weighing it at only 10.0 KG, and with the fastest fold ever seen on an electric buggy, the PowerBug is ideally suited to golfers who are looking for a buggy that is light, strong,  powerful and super reliable.

Features & Inclusions

  • All new design for 2023
  • Weighs only 9.5 KG without Battery
  • 28.8V high torque Lithium battery & drivetrain
  • Up to 36 holes on a single charge
  • Fast and easy folding
  • Unique half Speed Settings with a total of 17 speeds
  • Electronic downhill braking
  • Electronic Park brake
  • High traction all-weather wheels & tyres
  • Anti-clog front wheel design
  • Quick release front wheel assembly
  • Reversible wheels to save room when folded if required
  • Handlebar style rubber grips
  • Adjustable handle screen angle
  • VRAP distance control
  • USB Charging Port

Technical Specifications 



Folded Dimensions:
77cm (L) x 57cm (W) x 41cm (H)

Folded Dimensions (Wheels Inverted):
77cm (L) x 38cm (W) x 41cm (H)

Product Specifications

28 Volt Power System

All new 28v high torque battery and drivetrain system handles even the most demanding courses and conditions with ease.

Guaranteed to cover 27+ holes on a single charge the lightweight hard cased battery simply slots into the battery tray without any external connector cables to plug in. 

Fast Folding

Folding the PowerBug NX could not be any easier. A simple single-action mechanism folds and un-folds the NX in just a couple of seconds.

Whilst the folding mechanism is extremely easy to use, the framework is built with longevity in mind. Heavy duty materials ensure the frame does not wear out over time and stays rigid through many years of use. 

Downhill Braking

Maintain your desired speed even on the steepest of slopes – just set the speed and walk behind the buggy without being pulled down the hill.

In addition, there is an electronic park brake which will keep the buggy firmly parked from rolling away even in the stiffest of high winds.

High Traction All-Weather Wheels

Ready to tackle any condition the NX features heavy duty low profile rubberised wheels and tyres. The tyre tread and material has been proven to work flawlessly in both summer and winter conditions.

To save extra room when folded, the wheels can be inverted to reduce the overall width of the trolley. 

Quick Release Anti Clog Front Wheel Assembly

Remove the entire front wheel assembly without the need for additional tools allowing for easy cleaning of the NX without the risk of getting any of the electronics wet.

Large clearance between the front wheel and the housing prevents any mud clogging when used in the winter.

Handle Assembly

An updated handle design features handlebar style grips & USB charging port.

The handle screen display is adjustable to help visibility in all lighting conditions. Adjustable speed settings from 1-9 as well as a battery level indicator. 

Unique Speed Settings 

Are you tired of never being able to find your perfect walking speed setting? Now for the first time ever in the world of electric golf buggies, we have a buggy with ½ Speed settings meaning a massive total of 17 different speed settings.