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How I Have shaved multiple shots off my Handicap from just a Golf Tee!

How I Have shaved multiple shots off my Handicap from just a Golf Tee!

We as Golfers, are an interesting bunch to say the least. We’re always looking to improve our Golf Game, in all facets. So much so, we will often go to extraordinary lengths to make it happen. And yes, often without even getting a lesson from a Professional. Just madness I know!

But recently I stumbled across what I believe to be the most unexpected solution & was totally blown away by the results. I know what you’re thinking, it was a swing change? or a change in Golf Clubs, or a change in course management even? Well believes it or not, it was none of those. Turns out, it was just as simple as changing a Golf Tee.. Mind Blown!

For years when it comes to buying Golf Tee’s online, I’ve helplessly purchased any Golf Tee’s that are on sale online, without even thinking about the style, length or profile of a Golf Tee. And I mean at the end of the day, it’s just a Golf Tee right? Well that’s where I’ve been going wrong all these years. Turns buying cheap golf tees online sporadically whenever a deal on, isn’t the answer. 

Recently, I tried out the Stinger Golf Tee unexpectedly after purchasing the Stinger SG-3 Golf Buggy – an amazing Golf Push Buggy - and couldn’t believe the instant results.

Because of its small profile and it’s tiny dimples on the top of the tee, it raises the ball just enough to help reduce spin from the Golf Ball off the tee. What does this mean? Well I’ve gained 5-10 meters off the tee & and I’m hitting it straighter than I ever have before.

The best part is, you can buy the Stinger Golf Tee’s online in Australia. So the next time you need to shop for Golf Tee’s online, head to the Stinger Golf Products website - and get yourself a 5 pack of Stinger Tee’s and just like me, it will get you hitting the ball longer & straighter and help you shave 3-5 shots off your handicap.